How to add night mode to Twitter Lite

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks, and it’s easy to see why. In a few years, the platform has gone from being a microblogging page designed only for a few to be a great source of breaking news.

The best of all is that you can also create an account completely free and you have 160 characters to make your posts.

But as Twitter is always being renewed, now you have the availability to use Twitter Lite, which is the progressive web application of Twitter that serves as a light application of the social network. Although some features are missing, Twitter has decided to add a Night Mode in Twitter Lite.

Night mode in Twitter Lite: protecting your eyes and saving battery

Twitter Lite is a very useful Twitter version for many people. Includes a data saver to consume less in the rate; and one of the best is the app doesn’t take too much space and does not even need a traditional installation to be used. Now it improves even more thanks to the inclusion of a Night Mode. The night mode, help you to care your eyes because of the bright, in addition to saving battery in mobile with AMOLED screens.

The aspect of Night Mode in Twitter Lite is the same as that already applied in the web version of the social network or in its traditional application. It is a dark blue that dominates the entire interface with light blue more characteristic of the service logo. In addition, Twitter Lite has not been the only version benefited, since the Windows application also has a Night Mode.

Other news for Twitter Lite

As you can see in the tweet above, there are two other new features apart from the new Night Mode. This was implemented a while ago in the main versions and is a method to see the impact of a live and live tweet. The second innovation is a new drawer to write tweets. They ensure that it makes it possible to move better between the timeline and the writing of the tweet itself, creating a more integrated experience.

With all this, Twitter Lite is considered as a much more competitive option for the bulk of Android users. The advantages it offers in terms of weight and data savings are now added to new features that bring it closer to the main application. In addition, it should be remembered that Twitter Lite can be used from a PC or even from a Chromebook, which expands its range of possibilities and devices in which it can be used. Especially Chrome OS benefits from a better integrated notification system and closer to having its own native application.