How to download Twitter on a Tablet

We all know that many applications that present a great design in smartphone when passing them to their tablet version lose a lot. Twitter for Tablets is an app that has improved a lot and the interface is reminiscent of what it looks like on Apple’s iPad, adapted to Android.

Twitter is a very organized app and if you want to understand its usage you need to know what are the functions of every icon. Finally, to write in Twitter you have to go to the right to choose the image, and make a better publication of what we want. Many people consider that in this time Twitter need to be accompany with videos and images, because it creates a better impact of what you want to say. So if you want to chock people with your Twitter post, remember this part.

Moldable Algorithm on Twitter?

One modification that attracted a lot of attention among the most frequent users of Twitter was the announcement made by the company at the end of 2018. Only the user can choose how he preferred to see his timeline.

Initially only iOS users could choose through a button how they wanted to see their timeline at a certain time. Recall that in 2016 Twitter resolved to transform its algorithm to reveal the messages that could most import users according to their criteria, search patterns and interests.

New analysis tools on Twitter

Other improvements that Twitter are implement in their new changes to topics of conversation and the analysis to the audience.  Another great help that arises is the inclusion of an activity monitor to determine when the audience is most active on Twitter. This function already exists but it exists with data from the Twitter network itself.

How to download the APK for Twitter

If you want to download the Twitter version for Tablet, you can download the APK. Today you can download it, although surely in a few days the notifications of the update begin to arrive. Once you have downloaded the app, start using it.

To download the APK you have to go to a website that allows you to download it and so you can access this incredible social network. Then you go to the app and make your official inscription with your email and a password and then start to enjoy for Twitter app.

Now you can see that there are no limits to use Twitter and if your Tablet doesn’t have the google Play Store also with that limit you will have the app.