How to grow in Twitter for PC

Twitter is a social network that does not go out of fashion, although other social networks are added, it will always be relevant. That is why we will show you the amount of programs that exist to take advantage of Twitter from the PC and control all its aspects in a more efficient way.

In case there was still some clueless, the first thing we have to clarify is that is a complete lie that Twitter failed as a social Network, and as such, cannot be downloaded. If you want to use the best programs to rebound your Twitter account, then you should try these programs.

Programs to grow your Twitter account

1. Twitter for Windows 8

If the interface of Twitter seems confusing, this app for Windows 8 manages to reverse that sensation with a very light aesthetic that concentrates all the functionalities of the social network in a handful of icons. You can get it on your devises and if you are not able to get more out of Twitter, at least the experience will be more pleasant.

2. Destroy Twitter

Many people use this program that have more demand, and also one of the ones we like the most because of its clarity. The difference between accessing Twitter from the browser and using Twitter Destroy, resides in the ability to warn you only when there are interesting news keeping in the background, thanks to the application of filters. Unfortunately, Twitter itself has imposed a series of legal restrictions that maintain for the moment that prevent the development of this program.

3. Tweetdeck

It is a client with everything that is expected from a program of this type, but this tool help you to have synchronize your Twitter account, is ready to simultaneously consult information on other social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, etc. The most important advantages of Tweetdeck is that you can use the browser to keep abreast of what is going on in different social networks, is evident.

4. Socialbro

If you are a community manager or use Twitter for professional purposes, Socialbro provides you with some useful tools: detailed analysis of your activity on the social network, data on the most appropriate moments to launch a Tweet, clues to create your community of the best way possible, listings of followers who have stopped following you, etc.

5. Twitter image downloader

Put to offer a bit of everything related to Twitter for Windows PC, we thought it would be interesting to also include a program that was able to download the photos of the social network semiautomatically, easily and quickly. Well here you have it.

6. Tweetarchive

Finally, a program that will let you know through graphics the evolution of your activity on Twitter in the last days, weeks, months; the mentions and retweets that you have made and have made, the words and hashtags that you have used the most, etc. Interesting.