How to install Twitter Lite on your Android smartphone

After Twitter created a mobile web version that was almost a reduced application, the social network surprises us with a true Twitter Lite. And you can install it.

Twitter is catalogue as the second social network more used for many people around the world. The native app for Android has improved a lot over time, but it has become quite heavy.

It was rumored that Twitter Lite was in development and that it would appear for many people in any moment. This was discovered yesterday by Android Police: the application aimed at countries with lower Internet quality jumped to the Google Play Store of the aforementioned Philippines. The APK of Twitter Lite is not the official app but you can use it in order to have Twitter and you can get it through APK Mirror.

What is Twitter Lite? Twitter Lite is the same Twitter app but with less weigh than the original one. It is used in those mobile that don’t have too mucho space but their users wants to be informed in any time, so in that way Twitter Lite was born.

Twitter Lite condenses your application without losing any basic function

In fact, there is no excessive difference between the normal version and the reduced version, at least aesthetically. We find the blue color for the highlighted details next to the minimalist icons, the usual options divided into 4 tabs, mentions and direct messages as we are used to … Although we do: we lose details like the slide between tabs and the options panel which is displayed from the left side of the screen.

We can not divide the notifications as it does in the “normal” Twitter tab, but the Lite version does allow us to filter the notifications so that we do not bother accounts that are not worthwhile. In this app you can see that the entire graphics are too limited but the rest of the app will work in a very good way; always without losing the essence of Twitter: read the Timeline, respond and inform us of everything that is cooked at the moment. That’s right: it lacks the Moments and it does not have the popular news either.

One of the biggest differences is that in Twitter Lite we can apply a “Data Saver”. Within this option we can restrict such data in a generic way and also eliminate the preview of multimedia content. A good help for those who have a limited rate or are about to exhaust the mega.

As we said, Twitter Lite is not yet available in most Android stores, but you can download the APK and use it without problems on your smartphone. It works perfectly and is in Spanish. In addition, the “tweet” experience is highly positive.

So you can enjoy this app that is simply phenomenal, and although it may not be the most popular of social networks if it is number one trends, so if you want to know what is being said in the world at the moment, nothing better That Twitter for it.