The app that allows you to try out the new Twitter features is now available

Twitter confirmed last January, at CES in Las Vegas that it would launch a new application, called Twttr, with which users could try new features that the company is developing.

Twitter is not a decreased social network, opposite to that it is one of the most important social networks of these times. Many have considered that it has lowered its popularity considerably, but when it comes to trends, none is like it. with Twitter you can know what is happening in the world.

This application that allows using the Twitter prototype has just been launched and the first beta-testers can now use it. Among other new functions, Twttr allows you to use the new ways of ordering the conversations on the platform, differentiating the answers by colors and with a design of rounded shapes for each of the messages.

In these conversations of color the focus is centered on the message and, in fact, the buttons of sharing and “I like” disappear, which are hidden and you have to press proactively on the message bubble to appear.

This is one of the novelties of this application that allows to know the next developments of the platform, some of which will be released later officially and others will be forgotten. Everything depends on the feedback provided by the users who try Twttr.

Twttr is in its beta version at this time

Few people have access to this app at this time, because the new actualization has been studied in Americans and Japanese people, so with it the company can see the functionability of the app and then they can launch in the entire world.

Of course, this app is in its beta version so that when it goes on the market for all audiences it has complied with all the requirements and demands that users always demand and that Twitter itself is very much supporting the growth of Twttr.

In fact Twitter encourages those who want to try Twttr to register in the beta-testers program. It has not closed the registrations and ensures that in the coming weeks it will grant more access to Twttr, an application that must be downloaded independently of the traditional Twitter app.

In addition, users accepted into the program do not have to sign any type of confidentiality clause. In fact, Twitter encourages them to share their discoveries and experiences with other users of the platform.

The company has also emphasized the fact that the functions that allow Twttr to be tested are in the development phase and some of them in very early stages, so it warns that failures and instabilities may occur.

Users who have not been selected to be part of the project have received an email in the last few hours from Twitter indicating the reason and if they become part of the waiting list of people who in the future may use Twttr or not.