Update Twitter to the latest version

Social networks, are online platforms that born to connect people and become places with a continuous flow of information. One of the most important points of Social Networks is their usage are very good. So with the social networks we can be connected every time and everywhere and that is very important not only for our friends also for our work.

Within the broad amalgam that currently exists, Twitter is one of the most important and important proposals. This network started from the sending of small messages, with a maximum of 140 characters (already extended to 280) and has on its side the fast sending and the ever present possibility of viralizing the content.

With an interface that changes every time and with new improvements that come with the passage of time, it is common for many to wonder how to update Twitter for free to the latest version. This app, completely free, even allows you to follow famous people to be aware of their day to day or even interacts with them.

Install the latest Twitter update automatically step by step

Here, we will explain the steps you need to make in order to have installed the update in your phone. You can be secure to download this app, because it doesn’t cause any trouble to our smartphones.

Although automated, updates can also be made manually through the app stores that are available on mobile phones. In both iOS and Android you can install the latest Twitter update automatically through the App Store or the Play Store, respectively. Here we will help you to download Twitter Lite for Both devises Android and iOS.

Download APK Twitter new version

Before making downloads or installations, you have to go to the configuration of your phone. Then you need to go for setting in order to accept the necessary agreements to make the install correctly.

In the secure section you will activate the download because many devises don’t let to download applications outside of their Store.  The next thing, already within this sub-menu, is to go to the Apps of unknown origin tab and activate it. It may already be activated, although, if not, you have it as easy as clicking on the button next to it.

It’s time to download the “.apk” file from Twitter. To do this, from your own smartphone, for this we provide the direct links above so you can get the app for free. Wait for the download to finish and, when it does, expand the top bar of the main menu to open the file directly (just press it). When doing so, you will be asked if you wish to perform the installation. You accept.

Let the terminal work. In a few seconds you will have updated Twitter to its newest version without having to resort to the Google Play Store.

Finally you will have your application updated and you will enjoy all the changes that Twitter has for their users.